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Crystals are alive. Perhaps minerals are alive in ways outside of traditional definitions but the energy they produce allows them to both grow and heal themselves of wear and damage. This energy is afforded to the human world to serve and protect human life on Earth.

Mineral Mystics create talismans, charms, and amulets to enhance human skills, lead to prosperity in many human genres, and protect from negative energy and behavioral darkness. We use precious metals to encapsulate the crystal and hang them around the neck to facilitate the relationship of the crystal and bearer.

Mineral Mystics carefully collect, clear, charge, and activate crystals in ceremony integrated with moon phases, weather phenomena, and seasonal transitions.

Clearing a crystal is beginning the process of requesting the crystal "clear" its schedule in order to be available to function in the human realms.

Charging is like the process of knighting, giving them a charge to encourage the relationship that has yet to materialize.

The process of clearing and charging crystals using Crystal Mystics process dates back to the Visigoth tribal people. These are the same tribal groups that sacked Rome and began to reclaim all of Europe from the Roman Empire over 1,600 years ago. These tribal people still occupy Europe and brought with them manners, customs, and architecture to the civilized world.

The process of activation is more personalized. What is it you desire the crystal to do for you?

Crystal Mystics use ancient gestural and verbal incantations to activate crystals as talismans, charms, and/or amulets.

Talismans have a dual role in human life of revealing and enhancing human skills. Humans have innate powers of survival and prosperous life free of danger and replete with support and encouragement.

Charms guide the bearer to prosperous opportunities and enable healthy relationships. Charms guide gently, like a breeze guides a sailboat over calm waters.

Amulets protect, though not like a shield or force field surrounding the wearer. Amulets guide the wearer away from or around the danger or negativity.